Monday, May 21, 2007

Billy Dickerson Sculpture

BIlly is a Resident Director for a Suite on campus. He organized an art show of student work and decided to make a piece using Corian®. Billy is not an art student but frequently participates in art events, and we all applaud him for being adventurous.

Jason Windman sculpture

Jason created a sculpture one could enter. Strips of Corian were used to create a pattern.

Elliott Kayser Milk Bar

Elliott chose to use Corian® in a traditional manner for his Senior Show. Elliott created a milk bar, serving variety's of milk to visitors in his hand crafted ceramic vessels. Corian® was inset with a wash basin where Elliott meticulously cleaned away.

Sam Newman Sculpture

Sam created a waterproof container, thermoforming Corian® to the profile of a body. This was inset into an old matress. Water cascaded into the void, and video was projected onto the water. The sound is as it was heard in the installation.

Benches for the Alfred Plaza

The benches for the Alfred Plaza are underway.

Two holes are drilled into each piece of Corian® flashing to accept a 2" galvanized pipe for structural support. The pieces are spaced by a failed Estee Lauder promotional bracelet, rescued from the business waste stream by the Hudson Valley Materials Exchange.

The benches will most likely be clad with a composite decking material. They will be virtually maintenance free for the next 25-30 years, which should be a relief for the Village of Alfred department of Public Works.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Amanda Warren freshmen foundations project

A foundations studio was assigned a project to create something interesting within an enclosed portable space. Amanda used Corian, and because freshmen don't have access to power tools, she simply snapped rod sized pieces to size them.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sustainable Corian Use

The Village of Alfred Planning board has approved the proposed Bus Shelter as of March 1st. The project has been officially titled 'The Alfred Plaza Project' and has demonstrated a successful collaboration between Alfred University art students in COTTA (Community Outreach Through The Arts) and the Alfred State Architecture Club.

COTTA's website is

Corian will compose a large portion of this project in an innovative manner to create the 7 benches located throughout the Alfred Plaza.

Approximately 1.5 tons of scrap flashing pieces will be diverted from the landfill and utilized as a building material to create the benches.

The Corian flashing will be accompanied by another waste material that was procured from the Hudson Valley Materials Exchange. Este Lauder produced a promotional bracelet made from translucent pink acrylic. The bracelet didn't make it to the hands of consumers for unknown reasons and was landfill bound, but was rescued by several material reuse organizations throughout New York State. The benches will utilize roughly 1000 bracelets as spacers between the Corian scrap to reduce the weight of the benches and permit water to flow through.

The seat uses flashing produced from the 810 model sink, modified with 2-2" holes to accept a galvanized pipe for structural support. The pipes were donated to RePo (a material reuse program at Alfred University) by AUTV from an old lighting grid.

The back rest is created from flashing produced from the 872 mold, cut diagonally to create a slender triangular shape.

The backs of two benches facing Main street will be clad with artistic ceramic tile instead of the wood, and may play off the interesting optical effects produced by the interaction between the Corian scrap and pink bracelets.